Most Interesting Facts about Space

There is the existence of facts about the space and they are so nice to listen since they will leave you amazed. Space is always amazing and most people long to be there but for you to qualify there are some aspects that are crucial that you need to attain. That should not limit you to get to know more about space since there are some facts that you can get to know about space that can leave you with greater picture of how space looks like. Below are some of the facts about space that it is important you know.

In the space there are numerous of planets besides the only known eight. From the space there are so many other planets that are orbiting around another star. Most of the scientists are carrying out research to look for another planet that can have life and people can live there besides the most known earth. The skin of the feet tends to peel off when you are in the space. This is amazing and it makes the astronauts remain with one underwear and sock for several days without changing. It is a task to be in the space since they should be careful when changing them to avoid the dead cells of the skin to suspend in the weightless environment.

Also, the sun is so big in that earth can fit it one million times. Sun is at the center position of the solar system where all other planets are orbiting around it and earth must be in the same size millions of times so that it can perfectly fit the size of the sun. The sun is biggest in size and when you look at it in the sky you will realize that it seems so small but the fact remains that it is the biggest. You become taller when you are in space. Your height will increase when you are in the space for several centimeters since the gravity is not available there.

There is harsh weather conditions. For sure the weather patterns are not predicated and in most cases it is severe since the hurricanes and winds that blow are disastrous. Space is not far from earth. It is believed that the distance above the earth is about 100km, the most interesting is that if you can be driving your car upwards from earth you can be in space in less than one hour.

Also, when you are in the sky and you cry your tears will not fall instead they will float in the weightless environment and form bubbles around your eyes.

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