Guidelines for Selecting the Right Vape Juice

It is quite difficult for a new vaper to choose a suitable vape juice for them as they will require it to meet their preferences and needs.It may take a significant amount of time to determine the most appropriate flavors, VG/PG ratios and nicotine strengths to work with as a beginner.Until you find a juice that matches your preference, do not settle for anything less.For safety purposes, make sure that you make purchases of your vape juices from manufacturers that well known in this industry.Do not be tempted to buy the lower priced ones as they are of less quality, meaning that they may cause you more harm.For a better vaping experience, ensure that you buy high-quality e-juices.

When buying a vape juice, it is important that you consider its flavor.Even when every other aspect could be perfect, having the wrong flavor will simply deter you from vaping.Luckily, you can find e-liquids in different flavors to match each user’s preference.The available flavors adapt to tastes of varying products such as food and fruits, among others.Most new users are recommended to use the tobacco blended flavor as it has a good imitation of the cigarette that they used to use.Since manufacturers are aware that many of the people that result to vaping are normally trying to quit cigarette smoking, they have created e-juices that have a similar flavor to most of the common brands of cigarette available in the market.

You will find that each e-juice contains a certain quantity of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerol, or both of these products combined in certain percentages.The PG allows users to feel more of the flavor of the e-juice as compared to the amount of vapor produced.When vaping, the production of huge quantities of vapor means that the e-juice has a high percentage of VG.It is important to note that there are particular e-juices that do only contain PG with no VG, and vice versa, or are made up of the combination of both of these products.You could opt to try the combinations, and also the ones that contain either PG or VG to help you figure out where your preference lies.

Identify the strength of nicotine that you prefer in your e-juice.The light smokers can go with 6mg of nicotine in their e-juices as this is light and regulated.For the average smokers, they can go with the 9mg to 16mg.Those that vape frequently can choose the e-juices that contain 18-36 mg of nicotine.As you want to vape with moderation, identifying the nicotine strength that you require in your juice will help a great deal.A tip for the beginners is to begin with a medium strength, then make adjustments as they try out different types.

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