Why a Franking Machine is Critical for Sending Postages

If you are often sending a big volume of mail, then you are surely thinking of ways to make the process easier by using franking machines. Whenever you send mails, this machine performs an accurate calculation of postage. Apart from that, this is way more convenient than stamps because you can buy postages online than having to go in the post office in person and wait for your turn to get one.

As you read the next lines, you will know the advantages of using a franking machine.

Number 1. Postal discounts – back in recent times, Royal Mail has increased its discounts on franked mail. This is due to the fact that it is a lot easier and cheaper to handle than issuing stamps and processing mail manually. The increase in discounts is actually a move to encourage people to buy and use franking machines. Apart from that, the increased discounts give large benefit for many businesses by mean of saving costs on mails.

Number 2. Portray a professional image – sending franked mail is portraying professionalism to both your customers and business partners. The way how it is done is by adding the logo of your company, tagline or promotional text which is all possible when using the machine. Additionally, franking mail provides a platform to market without spending additional cost. With promotional texts, this might be used in launching new services or products, or introduce new tariffs or offers.

Number 3. Over stamping – there are numerous people who are uncertain of the actual weight of their mail and it’s for this reason why they pay more. By using franking machines, it has a built-in weighting scale which determines the cost of your postage by weighing it accurately, thus eliminating overspending.

Number 4. Under stamping – as a matter of fact, under stamping is almost similar to over stamping, there’s only a minute difference between the two. Royal Mail Services will be imposing charge to the sender if the postage sent was under stamped. They will still deliver your postage but when the recipient has it, they have to pay for the remaining balance and additional handling fee. As you make use of a franking machine, such episode can be averted.

Number 5. Time saving – it causes great distress and aggravation to see that the stamps are already out of stock especially when it is needed the most. Topping up will never be a problem again with franking machines.

Small or large scale businesses can probably take advantage of these franking machines and either way, it helps in cutting down their postage cost, save time and avoid inconveniences.

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