Tips for Choosing a Chicago Wedding Band

When it comes to choosing a Chicago wedding entertainment, you must be careful when making your selection, or you run the risk of wasting the money that you will spend on the reception, the flowers, and the food. You may ask how that is possible; well, imagine if the group choose not to turn up on the wedding day. This can greatly ruin your reception and thus the need to choose a professional band for your day. Here is what you must take into account when hiring a Chicago wedding band.

Try and look at many reviews as you can. If they have a specific date they were written, that is better. The the inclusion of the specific dates is an indication that the band is performing consistently and has high-quality work over a period and not just one fantastic wedding three years ago. See whether the reports are detailed and enthusiastic or they are merely a thank you note written at an unspecified date.

Versatility in their Song Selection
Is the band versatile? Check to see whether they are capable of playing a variety of music to keep all your guests on the floor. The band should show an extensive list of their repertoire. Also check whether the band is willing to learn new songs and whether they will charge you for this service.

Ask them to show you a video from a recent live wedding. This far much better than a video shot in the studio as it can be manipulated and modified over and over. At your marriage, your band has only one chance thus the need to show the crowd’s response to what the band is playing.

Credibilty of the Band
See the awards or honors that the band has produced as well as any list of their prestigious clients. Look at their experience and whether they had to change their personnel often or even change their name. It is also necessary that you search for them online and see where they are ranked.

Customer Support
Consider how fats they get back to you after filling an inquiry form or left a message, whether they have an office staff, or whether you can directly talk to the band leader or you have to deal with assistants. Other things that matter is how fast they respond to your emails and how they handle you as an individual and not as an account number.

Check for any additional resources that they have to assist you from the moment you sign the contract to the day of the wedding. They should be able to provide with resource center where you can select your music as well as a model of your schedule to keep you organized.

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