A Guide On The Purchase Of A Land Survey Tripod.

Land survey is very essential since it helps people determine the boundaries of their property. This needs high level of accuracy for prosperity and integrity. The accuracy mostly depend on the instruments they use in doing the work hence purchasing a high quality instrument is essential. A survey tripod should be among instruments that need to be bought with care. Unfortunately, some people do not have any clue on how to purchase the survey tripod. This article is a good guidelines for helping them get a quality tripod.

The first thing that you need to know is the role of the tripod before you purchase it. Its role is to hold the survey measuring tools to avoid unnecessary movements. Tis is done to avoid error that may occur due to slight movements of the measuring equipment. It is only possible to take measurements with high level of accuracy with the use of the survey tripod. It is essential for stability and easy control of the measuring tool.

You have to know the characteristics of the tripod for you to choose the best. The first thing to consider is the material of the tripod. The materials include wood, aluminum and fire glass. You can choose any of these since each has its own advantages. Wood material make the tripod more stable since wood is a good absorbent of vibration. The moving of an aluminum tripod is easier since aluminum is light. Fiber glass tripods are also light but they can withstand bad weather conditions. It can also stand bad weather conditions and change.

Also when purchasing the survey tripod stand, pay attention on the capacity of it bearing the load. Most of the tripod have the ability of bearing a certain limited load weight. You have to choose a survey tripod that can bear your instruments weight without collapsing or even shaking.

You have to consider the height of the tripod that you want to purchase. You should inquire the maximum and minimum height adjustments that can be possible with the survey tripod you want to purchase.

It is recommended that you purchase a tripod with clamps. They are essential in the holding of the extended legs. There are many options of the clamps. The options are quick clamp, screw cramp and the combined clamps. For easy pushing of the tips of the tripod, consider purchasing a tripod with steel feet. For indoor survey, buy feet covers.

The last but not least thing to consider is the stability of the tripod. All survey tripod are stable but extra stability is needed when you are working in silky lands. Consider purchasing a tripod with a straps as to ensure it is more stable. Consider the type of head that a tripod that you want to buy has but most of them are flat headed. For you to buy a quality survey tripod, this is all you need to know.

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