What You Should Ask Before Hiring a Company That Offers Mold Inspection Services

Having mold in your home or your workplace can have negative effects. Molds will destroy your property’s structure and even cause deadly diseases. It is, therefore, important to hire the services of a competent mold inspection company, once you notice mold in your house or workplace. Finding a proficient mold inspection firm is not easy especially, for people who have never worked with these companies before. In this case, how can you make the recruitment process easier? Outlined below are a few questions, which can help to ease the process of recruiting a mold inspection company.

Which Mold Testing Techniques Do You Use?

It is recommendable to ask about the inspection techniques your preferred company uses. A professional company will often start by evaluating cases of water damage and conducting moisture evaluations. After which, they take samples of the mold and conduct a thorough test, to determine its species. Moreover, these companies also test the air, to find out if there are any spores. Hire a mold inspection firm, which uses effective inspection strategies.

Find out If a Company Remediates Molds

There are various companies that specialize in the provision of inspection services. While there are others that also specialize in the provision of remediation services. It is, therefore, necessary to ask about all the services that an inspection company offers. It would be advisable to hire an organization that provides both mold inspection and remediation services. If the company you hire also offers remediation services, you will have to also ask about the remediation techniques it uses. Blasting and chemicals are the most common and effective remediation techniques used. If your prospective inspection company cannot offer remediation services, ask if it can recommend a good remediation service provider.

Ask About the Reports a Company Gives

After running tests, mold inspection companies sum up the results and give reports. Different companies give different types of reports. For example, some companies include laboratory tests and the extent of the damage caused by molds. Therefore, it is necessary to inquire about the type of reports a company hands in. It is recommendable to pick inspection companies, which will be willing to give you a report that contains results of the lab tests, the kind of damages sustained, and a list of companies qualified to remediate the mold species you have in your premises. Nowadays, many companies specialize in providing mold inspection services. Nevertheless, not all service providers have what it takes. To obtain quality mold inspection service, you can hire the services of FSG Inspections.

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