Various Reasons Why There Is a Need to Stop Daylight Saving time

I’m sure that most of us are already aware of what Daylight Saving Time is all about. Aside from the fact that it happens every summer and ends when autumn begins. To begin the daylight saving time, our clocks will need to be adjusted an our later during the start of summer and we need to bring it back to its original form after summer. But is there really a need to adopt to this time change? The supporters of DST or Daylight Saving Time justify that doing this practice every year helps save energy. Logically, energy is saved because people have saved energy use since there is already an hour missed in their cycle. Their sleeping time adjusts to exactly one hour earlier based on the original time clock. But, we all know that DST has also created a really big confusion to most of us. In fact, new generation of people don’t even know what DST is really all about and they have difficulties adjusting to it. That is why there are already a lot of petitions circulating in the Internet to end the DST and just have a normal time just like any time of the year. But if you are going to ask yourself, are you prepared to sign the petition or you need more information?

In reality, understanding DST is really difficult. Because of the fact that it is really confusing, it is a big factor to convince you to sign the petition. It confuses a lot of people because there is no sense moving time just for the sake of energy saving. In fact, as it begins during summer time, you will not understand the need for it. This may be a reason you will be late for your school or work. Because of the changes, your sleeping might also be affected. Even though your body is still good to go, the time tells you to sleep so you need to sleep. Your meal schedule is also affected by the one-hour advance time movement, thus, it may affect your health during the summer time. Energy is not saved by DST but the other way around. The manipulation of time actually contributes to your life’s complication during DST.

In terms of the limitation for DST, not all countries are able to make use of it. There are only a few countries adopting to DST thus, there is no significance on its effect to the world. If you happen to visit a country that applies DST and your country does not, you will really get confused by it. There are many online petitions for DST and it is up to you on website or forums to join.

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